Make your desire a feeling

Probably if you like to study positive thinking, mindset, and others. You have read something about the “Law of Attraction” or “Quantum Physics”. Believe me, it’s all true. When you keep practicing this type of mindset to think positive all the time that you can, your life will change. If you really believe that your desires can be achieved.

One “small” part of that process of thinking positive, I missed during my last 4 years. Think in “mindset / positive thinking” as a battery, at first you have all power to think positive anywhere you are, working, fishing, parking your car (trying to find a good spot), etc. You just use your energy for thinking positive but one day, you wake up late, tired and your battery doesn’t have more energy, day by it keeping going down. Till one day you think that this “thinking positive” isn’t worth anymore.

After realizing a fact that my mind can’t act as a battery that loses energy when times pass by. I started to study about “feelings”, to keep myself always focused on thinking big. I’ve found an alternative or a complement for thinking positive. Just act like you already have what you want. I’ll explain how:

Let’s give an example that you want to buy a new house. What must you think after this? Just this: You already have this house.

Exercise your mind with these steps:

  • Step 1: Close your eyes.
  • Step 2: Think in the house that you want. How it looks like, how is inside, how is your window’s view?
  • Step 4: Now imagine that this house is already yours. How is your feeling? Feel all emotions that come now inside your mind.
  • Step 5: Imagine everything with your point of view (first person) instead of the third person.

If you need more than this to keep yourself focused on your desires, create a “vision board”, I watched a movie called “The Secret”, they tell about this board, so I started to adapt it. Just get pictures from things that you want(house, car, etc) and paste it on your “vision board”. This will remind you every day about your goals and mindset that you need to achieve what you really want for your life.

That’s it. Now you just need to practice this type o imagination and feeling every day. Your mind will burn with this desire and emotion. Once a fire starts you can’t stop it. Do this exercise with ideas that you truly believe. You will see the universe giving you what you want. Just try, you have nothing to lose.