Burn all bridges

How many times you feel comfortable with your life and feel that there isn’t anything else that you could do to improve yourself or to have a better life? Some days you start to see problems where were opportunities and suddenly stop doing what you really wanted for fun or for your job. All you wanted is go beyond with your desires but sometimes isn’t easy as you think. Or it is easy?


Imagine that you are a locomotive. Your engine is working well. You are really comfortable like this, going back and forward on a trail. This is what we should avoid “feel comfortable”, this state of mindset makes you feel that you can not have more good things into your life. Why? Just cause when you feel comfortable you don’t want to speed up (the locomotive) or think in something different that could improve you. In this example, you could improve your engine (brain).


Imagine a bridge behind you, which you just passed through it. Now someone burned that bridge, leaving you with no options for going back in your way, you start having some problems. Who could help you is on the other side of this bridge? You are by yourself (or you think like that), but now you don’t have more options you MUST go forward to find some help or achieve your goals, even that you don’t know what could be found on the way.When you burn the bridges behind you, you just have two options WIN or perish.It’s your choice.