Make your desire a feeling

Probably if you like to study positive thinking, mindset, and others. You have read something about the “Law of Attraction” or “Quantum Physics”. Believe me, it’s all true. When you keep practicing this type of mindset to think positive all the time that you can, your life will change. If you really believe that your desires can be achieved.

One “small” part of that process of thinking positive, I missed during my last 4 years. Think in “mindset / positive thinking” as a battery, at first you have all power to think positive anywhere you are, working, fishing, parking your car (trying to find a good spot), etc. You just use your energy for thinking positive but one day, you wake up late, tired and your battery doesn’t have more energy, day by it keeping going down. Till one day you think that this “thinking positive” isn’t worth anymore.

After realizing a fact that my mind can’t act as a battery that loses energy when times pass by. I started to study about “feelings”, to keep myself always focused on thinking big. I’ve found an alternative or a complement for thinking positive. Just act like you already have what you want. I’ll explain how:

Let’s give an example that you want to buy a new house. What must you think after this? Just this: You already have this house.

Exercise your mind with these steps:

  • Step 1: Close your eyes.
  • Step 2: Think in the house that you want. How it looks like, how is inside, how is your window’s view?
  • Step 4: Now imagine that this house is already yours. How is your feeling? Feel all emotions that come now inside your mind.
  • Step 5: Imagine everything with your point of view (first person) instead of the third person.

If you need more than this to keep yourself focused on your desires, create a “vision board”, I watched a movie called “The Secret”, they tell about this board, so I started to adapt it. Just get pictures from things that you want(house, car, etc) and paste it on your “vision board”. This will remind you every day about your goals and mindset that you need to achieve what you really want for your life.

That’s it. Now you just need to practice this type o imagination and feeling every day. Your mind will burn with this desire and emotion. Once a fire starts you can’t stop it. Do this exercise with ideas that you truly believe. You will see the universe giving you what you want. Just try, you have nothing to lose.

Burn all bridges

How many times you feel comfortable with your life and feel that there isn’t anything else that you could do to improve yourself or to have a better life? Some days you start to see problems where were opportunities and suddenly stop doing what you really wanted for fun or for your job. All you wanted is go beyond with your desires but sometimes isn’t easy as you think. Or it is easy?


Imagine that you are a locomotive. Your engine is working well. You are really comfortable like this, going back and forward on a trail. This is what we should avoid “feel comfortable”, this state of mindset makes you feel that you can not have more good things into your life. Why? Just cause when you feel comfortable you don’t want to speed up (the locomotive) or think in something different that could improve you. In this example, you could improve your engine (brain).


Imagine a bridge behind you, which you just passed through it. Now someone burned that bridge, leaving you with no options for going back in your way, you start having some problems. Who could help you is on the other side of this bridge? You are by yourself (or you think like that), but now you don’t have more options you MUST go forward to find some help or achieve your goals, even that you don’t know what could be found on the way.When you burn the bridges behind you, you just have two options WIN or perish.It’s your choice.

Are you pursuing your goal?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why you wake up every day?
  • Do you think that you are doing something worth it with your life?
  • What do you REALLY want?

I’ve talked to people that do not know these answers. Don’t worry because if you don’t know either, you are not alone. Since I was a teenager I was used to always exercise at a gym, due to this fact I always studied about human body and nutrition. So people (in Brazil) were used to ask me hints about how to lose weight, gain mass and muscles (I don’t know why they asked me). One day I went to a gym in Los Angeles. I just realized that who asked me something about exercising in LA had the same questions as the Brazilians and same mistakes. They always complain about their body…

Here is the point:
When people asked me hints for example, how to define the body. I ask, “What do you eat during your day?”. They seem to eat or drink the same type of food, as junk food, no vegetables, and no water. Their excuse is that no one is pushing themselves to eat well during the day. When you have a goal you can’t have excuses. You and only you know what is inside your mind and know what is good or not for your body because your body and mind (I’m talking about inner thoughts) always try to communicate with yourself.

If you have one goal and you are expecting for something to push you up or you are not self-confident about your decision. Just try to be your own boss, be your own leader. I’m talking about to make a deal with yourself. Now you will work for yourself, imagine one imaginary boss that keeps asking you every day for results about your goal. If you don’t obey this imaginary person you won’t lose your job or money, you will lose your LIFE!

Some people don’t care about respecting bosses, so if this is you, then try to act. Find one person or more who you like, copy the good behaviors from this person to achieve your goal, like what they do during the day, what they don’t do. Create your own character; this new ‘you’ can achieve your goal!!! Just practice acting EVERY DAY in your mindset!

I hope it can really help you.